Cyst Removal

Cysts, while usually painless and harmless, can be irritating and unflattering. The smooth bump under the skin can become a distraction and you may want to consider your options for removing the cyst, especially if it shows signs of infection.

To have a cyst properly examined and removed, make an appointment with Robert J. Casquejo, PA-C, of the Skin & Cancer Center of Scottsdale at (480) 596-1110.

Removal Method for Cysts

To determine which type of cyst-removal method is best, consult a medically trained professional who specializes in dermatology and cyst removal. Through a careful examination of the cyst, they will determine if draining, injections, surgery or antibiotics is best.

Draining a cyst is a relatively painless method that removes the pus and debris from the center of the cyst to reduce its size. This method will not completely remove the bump since the sac the cyst grows in remains intact. However, it does significantly reduce the size without scarring.

Never attempt to drain a cyst yourself as you can damage surrounding nerves, spread infection and cause permanent scarring.

Treating a Cyst with an Injection of cortisone medication helps the inflammation to shrink  and heal.

Surgically Removing a Cyst may be necessary if the cyst does not respond to other treatment methods and causes troublesome symptoms that require treatment. For this method, the patient is given a local anesthesia and the sac containing the cyst is surgically removed.

Cyst treatments and removals should always be performed by a specialist.

For a consultation and treatment, call the Skin and Cancer Center of Scottsdale today at (480) 596-1110.

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