Biopsy of Rashes

Rashes may seem like harmless skin conditions, but they can be indicative of more serious complications. Unexplained rashes should always be examined by a medically-trained professional. If the rash is a cause for concern, it will be biopsied for further examination.

Symptoms of Rashes

Rashes that appear suddenly, after start a new medication, or before or after an onset of illness could be harmful.

If a rash covers an extensive amount of the body or begins to blister or peel, it may be cause for concern.

Occasionally, a rash may be present as an onset of mouth sores or redness around the eyes. Mouth sores which make it difficult to drink clear liquid or any rashes accompanied with dizziness, fainting, or illness should be examined by medically trained professional.

Types of Biopsies for Rashes

A medically trained professional may take a biopsy of a rash to test it for causes and find the source of the outbreak.

A biopsy involves taking a piece of the affected skin with a small incision.

Punch biopsies take a piece of the tissue in the shape of a cylinder from the center of the area being tested and are specifically used for testing rashes. The sample of skin is then tested or examined under a microscope.

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