Surgical Dermatology

Moles and Growths

Mole Inspection in Scottsdale

Moles and other skin growths are common occurrences with all age groups. However, if there’s a change in the shape, size or color of a mole or skin growth, it may be cause for concern, and should be examined. The ultimate goal is to ensure there is no cancer in the tested mole.


Biopsy of Rashes in Scottsdale

Rashes may seem like harmless skin conditions, but they can be indicative of more serious complications. Unexplained rashes should always be examined by a medically-trained professional. If the rash is a cause for concern, it will be biopsied for further examination.

Cyst Removal

Cyst Removal in Scottsdale

Cysts, while usually painless and harmless, can also be irritating and unflattering. The smooth bump under the skin can become a distraction and you may even want to consider your options for removing the cyst, especially if it shows signs of infection.

Skin Cancer Screenings

Skin Cancer Screenings in Scottsdale

Melanoma, commonly known as skin cancer, can be treated with great success when caught in the early stages of development. But catching melanoma early is the key to successful treatment. It’s the reason why we encourage regular screenings.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery in Scottsdale

Mohs micrographic surgery is accepted as the most effective treatment for the two most common types of skin cancer, Basal Cell Cancer (BCC) and Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC). Another benefit of Mohs micrographic surgery is that it spares the greatest amount of healthy skin.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery in Scottsdale

There are several types of surgery used to treat skin cancer. Which method is used is dependent upon the type of skin cancer that is being treated. Types of skin cancer surgery include the following: Excisional Surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Electrosurgery.