Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines that develop on the face, neck and body. They are a natural part of aging. Over time, fine lines deepen and can develop into deep lines and crevices.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused and compounded by several factors, including the natural aging process, exposure to the sun, repetitive facial expressions, smoking and diet.

Aging causes wrinkles through the natural breakdown of collagen cells that create the dermis, the thick fatty layer under the skin that gives it its plump, youthful appearance. Natural oils that are present in the skin also diminish with age, leaving the skin drier and the appearance of lines more pronounced over time.

Exposure to the sun is one of the leading causes of premature aging. The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down skin tissue and diminish collagen, leaving the skin to wrinkle ahead of its time.

Repetitive facial expressions and sleeping habits cause wrinkles by the repeated flexing and folding of certain areas of the skin, often on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth and along the cheeks.

Smoking accelerates the aging of skin through the introduction of free radicals that break down cells throughout the body, including the skin. Smoking also contributes to the development of wrinkles around the lips through the repetitive puckering expression required to smoke.

Can Wrinkles Be Prevented?

While the development of wrinkles cannot be completely prevented, the process can be slowed with proper skin care, a diet rich in antioxidants, and adherence to a few, basic guidelines for healthy, beautiful skin, like the daily use of sunscreen and using a good facial cleanser and moisturizer.

What Are Good Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles?

If lines and wrinkles are bothersome to you, there are several treatment options that can help, including professional skin care lines that help diminish the appearance of lines and rejuvenate the skin by stimulating cell regeneration.

Other treatments include chemical peels, laser treatments like microdermabrasion and dermabrasion, and Botox and Dysport injections, which prevent expression, smooth skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Treatments for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Chemical Peels are a form of treatment which peels away the fine, outer layer of the skin. It is an exfoliation process that, once healed, reveals a fresh, radiant complexion. There are different types of chemical peels: superficial, medium and deep. These three peels offer different levels of benefits as they increase in intensity. It is important to consult a specialist before undergoing a chemical peel.

Microdermabrasion is a less intense version of dermabrasion that is used to treat fine lines. By removing a fine layer of skin with each treatment, this procedure lessens the appearance of wrinkles over time. While the results are temporary, the procedure is painless and there is no down time. Patients report slight tingling after the procedure and mild pink or redness that diminishes quickly.

Dermabrasion is a form of exfoliation that removes the surface of the skin so a new layer of youthful skin can grow. Redness lasts a few weeks and can be accompanied by swelling and scabbing. Results are more pronounced and longer lasting than those produced by microdermabrasion.

Botox treatment directly targets wrinkles that develop from muscle movement in the face. By lessening the movement in the facial muscles, botox injections reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles near the mouth, eyes and forehead.

Dysport is a similar treatment to Botox. This injection relaxes facial muscles and produces a look of smooth skin.

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