Four Common Skin Problems a Scottsdale Dermatology Center Can Take Care of

Four Common Skin Problems a Scottsdale Dermatology Center Can Take Care of

Beauty is subjective, and when it comes to your skin, only you can know what you’re truly comfortable with. Sometimes, achieving ‘perfect’ skin can be as simple as addressing basic cosmetic issues, which is exactly what the Skin & Cancer Center of Scottsdale can help you with. It’s our goal to provide you with skin that gives you confidence, no matter what your idea of beauty is. Our health care experts can assist with any of the skin problems that you’ve been struggling with, providing you with results that will bring a smile back to your face.

If you’ve been thinking about visiting a Scottsdale dermatology center, but you want some more information on the skin issues that are covered, then this quick list of common procedures could be an eye opener for you.

Wart Treatments at a North Scottsdale Dermatology Center

North Scottsdale Dermatology CenterWarts can range from minor cosmetic blemishes, to painful and reoccurring growths that can impact your confidence and general wellbeing. Treatments for warts can sometimes be completed in a single visit, whereas some cases may require multiple sessions. Remember that your skin is unique, and every dermatological condition is different.

There are a number of methods that we can use to safely and effectively remove warts, including freezing, medicated acid peels, and laser treatment. Each method has benefits and disadvantages, which is why it’s important to have a professional consultation to find out which is the best for you. Our doctors will examine your case, and provide the best recommendation along with any necessary warnings about treatment, pain level, and any scarring that may result from the process.

Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Non-cancerous sun damage is known as actinic keratosis. Identified by scaly textured skin lesions, this condition can cause discomfort and mental distress in patients. As lesions progress, they can change color and become more noticeable, often turning to shades of pink or red.

There are plenty of safe treatment methods available for this condition, and as with most dermatological procedures, it will take a consultation with a doctor before you can have all of the information that allows you to choose the right one. Some options include chemical peels performed under local anesthetic, laser surgery, or sometimes you may only require a topical medication to heal minor cases of actinic keratosis.

Microdermabrasion for Healthier, Younger Skin

Scottsdale dermatologyIf your skin feels and looks tired, but you’re not suffering from any particular dermatologic condition, then you may benefit from a non-invasive and simple microdermabrasion procedure. You could think of this procedure as a supercharged form of exfoliation. Using a special device that shoots abrasive materials, the dead skin will be removed, leaving you with the softer and healthier skin that is underneath.

This treatment is safe, but may cause some redness or swelling in the days right after the treatment. Avoiding sun exposure and special moisturizing lotions will help get your new skin in top condition. Besides some minor discomfort, there’s almost no recovery time for microdermabrasion, and you can have this procedure performed on your arms, chest, neck, and face.

Talk to one of our Scottsdale dermatologists to book a free consultation for this treatment.

Scar Removal with Laser Therapy

Acne scarring is a common problem in adults of all ages, and over-the-counter creams and lotions are usually not enough to eliminate the worst scarring. With laser therapy, light pulses can be used to reduce the appearance or completely eliminate most acne scarring, with a high level of success. Laser therapy doesn’t just work by removing damaged skin, it also works on a cellular level to start a healing process that will result in brighter and overall healthier looking skin.

If you’ve struggled with the aftermath of adolescent or adult acne, but haven’t found a solution, then a visit to our North Scottsdale dermatologist center will allow you to finally beat this extremely common, treatable problem.

 Medical, Surgical, and Laser Treatments for a Range of Skin Conditions

We’ve talked about four of the most common skin problems, but this is only a small sampling of what we can do at the Skin & Cancer Center of Scottsdale. With a highly experienced, compassionate, and professional staff, you can be sure that you’ll get the best consultation and treatments in the region.

Whether you have some minor conditions or blemishes that have bugged you for some time, or you’ve struggled with a fairly major and noticeable skin condition, we can provide the right care and safe procedures that will give you the skin that you’ve always wanted.

Talk to a Scottsdale dermatologist today and schedule an appointment; you’ll be taking the first step towards healthier and more beautiful skin.



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